Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Making food - no one eating it...

Well, I am getting better at pasta making. The bad news is I made pasta with chick pea flour only and H says "Mommy, it tastes funny" and puts it down. Refuses, point blank, to eat it due to "tasting funny." So it will end up in the bin and I will have to make combo pasta.

The first time we made pasta, it took forever. Today was easy and she played with it like clay as well. Good OT for her! We will try again tomorrow. I am making more crunchy cereal as she and I have been living on that. She is refusing to eat muffins since last week. Sigh...

It is still hot here... mid 90's in the afternoons. We went outside this morning to get away from the heat but I still only lasted 1.5 hours. Someone down the street was mowing and I was reacting... she is difficult again today. But nothing unusual, unfortunately. The last several weeks she is clingy and needy much of the time. I would like a way to teach her to play and not just need to be right with me. So we spend time cooking so that I am getting something done and she is getting attention.

Schooling is becoming more laid back. She is not wanting to practice anything so I am attempting to become creative. ;) Sure wish we could do books and numbers things but I will just have to keep thinking outside the box. God sure has grand plans for growing my creativity! =D I think he has more confidence in me than I do... but I guess He would as he did the creating!

I am tired lately... will see what turns out with that.

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