Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our Thanksgiving 2007

God is so good! I always have so much to be thankful for but yesterday was super great!

Since I am working this weekend, T took Wednesday off and we had a family outing to the Zoo. Since H is big enough to walk around and she is doing well, we decided to do it. We had such a great time. Her favorites were "the elephant, the rhinos and the giraffes." We also saw the tigers, the monkeys, owls, lots of snakes and lizards, bison... well, I could go on. We walked and walked and H did great. The gibbons are first in the gate and they were howling like crazy when we got there. Evidently gibbons do this every morning to mark/defend their territory. It was great and T got some great pictures of them howling. =D

I am working the 4 days over Thanksgiving but am thankful to be working days instead of evenings. It messes less with my body clock to get up a couple hours early than to stay up 4-5 hours later than I usually go to bed. But it does make for a more tired mama. Lots of cereal/granola in the 'fridge so that we can eat this weekend.

We had a lovely meal of bison steak and summer squash tonight. LOTS to be thankful for... wonderful family, warm house, good food, good job. Thank you God!

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