Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Thoughts from November 28

Well, I tried to cut my finger off again but was unsuccessful. Thank Goodness!!! I have a really sharp knife and this is the second time that I have cut a finger and nearly needed stitches. I probably could still use them but I refuse to need them. It will heal just fine, not very deep at all but fingertip lacs just bleed like crazy. Then it doesn't take much pressure and they open up again for a couple days until they are good and stuck shut.

H and I finished the female Christmas presents today, more me than her. I feel slightly guilty that I intended for us to make the presents together and I have hijacked the projects. I told her that we would do something just from her with the extra beads. She is looking forward to working on Gran's something tomorrow. I will have to get beads together so that she can just pick randomly. T approved the necklaces tonight so I am good to put the magnetic clasps on tomorrow. They all turned out well and hopefully the ladies will like them.

The weather has been much cooler this week than last but still nice enough outside today. We spent the whole afternoon outside and it was lovely. Yesterday we visited Gran and Poppy and it was chilly 'cause the wind was blowing. Tomorrow is the Friday playgroup and we are looking forward to it. We love to get to play with other kids!

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