Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Lights

Our neighbors across the street have had their lights up for about 3 weeks. They put them up every year and they are nice, just some net lights on the bushes, candles in the windows and wreaths. Nothing overdone or overwhelming just simple and beautiful. Our house has no electrical outlets on the outside of the house... NOT A ONE! We do have a pair of outlets in the garage that we could use one of to have lights but it would be pitiful as I shouldn't overwhelm one outlet with 16 strands of lights. So, needless to say, we have never used lights outside. This year H is wanting to decorate... she is old enough, understands and wants to participate. So I broke down and went to Walmart at 530am one morning before work to check out the selection of Christmas decorations. I bought plastic (shatterproof) *big* ornaments and some big candy canes to stick in the grass. We had such a marvelous time decorating the yard on Monday. =D H even said that she liked our tree ornaments and the candy canes better than lights. LOL It also gave us a chance to talk about what a candy cane means (origins) and that I think the lights symbolize Jesus coming to be the light of our world.

We went looking at Christmas lights last night. T wasn't playing on-line and H and I wanted to go with him and not just by ourselves. T and I decided that we like all white lights better than a bunch of multi-colors. Hannah got tired earlier than we thought she would. We ended up coming home at about 740p. All through the shower and she collapsed in sleep on me about 2 minutes after I got out of the shower. T and I finished watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir special that was on. It was lovely to listen to and H even enjoyed it too. She watched about 30 minutes of it before she fell asleep. It was a nice evening.

I am attempting to wash and soak the doll diapers that I got for her as well as our new Christmas stockings. We also had to go to Whole Foods and so between the grocery store, playgroup, the light looking and the soaking and washing stuff... she has had a tough couple days. I am attempting to lay low today to give her a chance to detox in case we have playgroup tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well and safely today!

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