Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A cold and misty day in December

Well, today is 42 degrees and wet. Not really raining, just misting enough to make your hair and clothes damp when you walk the dog. =) Amy enjoyed the walk though. H & I needed to get out of the house. It has been such a lovely fall that we spend most afternoons outside all afternoon. I have gotten spoiled.

We went with T yesterday to pick up the ground beef and steaks, then drove over to Whole Foods and picked up more food and came home. It is easy enough to buy meat for several weeks but the veggies just don't last that long. I end up having to go to WF again or order from Diamond Organics. The ordering costs more (I think) 'cause I have to pay FedEx charges but it keeps us out of the car and the store.

Just another day in the life!

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