Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maybe not

Maybe I shouldn't post tonight... or just not all my thoughts.

I saw a little girl this weekend who had rotavirus. I am pretty good about lots of handwashing at work and not getting sick from the sickies at work but somehow I didn't escape this weekend. Monday, I didn't eat much lunch, just didn't feel like it. So I was pretty hungry by supper. I cooked lovely telapia (T & H's favorite) and we had a grand fish supper with cauliflower on the side. By 2130, my tummy was in rebellion. I thought maybe I was just too tired - lots of work, not getting to bed early enough from the change in DST. But I couldn't sleep due to nausea. By 2300, I was sure that I was going to throw up and by 2345, I was upchucking my guts. I threw up every 30-40 minutes all night long. Then at 6am, the last time I threw up, my guts decided to evacuate too. I had liquid poo all day long yesterday. Now I know how these poor little kids get so dehydrated. The poo has slowed but I still am not back to par. Yesterday, I got dizzy and the pass out feeling when I wasn't horizontal. I haven't hardly eaten today, just trying to drink. I pray that Hannah hasn't gotten this nasty-ness from me. I keep hounding her to wash her hands, I wash all the time.

So, this week is a wash for us... just keep mommy alive to work again this weekend. But I did like the working Friday evening and then Saturday and Sunday much better. I will try it again in June. I don't want to do it in May because then we miss play group on Friday.

Off to put more in the washer and trot off to bed.

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