Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mama is tired

I have just finished 3 shifts in a row and I am beat. I worked 3-12 last night and the place was full the whole 9 hours. I took a break for 10 minutes and inhaled my supper. The rest of the time was spent diligently seeing patients. The redeeming factor was that Dr M is good and quick. I don't know how many we saw together last night but it felt like a lot. And I forgot to document something on a chart and I can't remember the man's name! Sigh... brain fog at its best.

H is being patient today. We watched Meet the Robinsons again this am. It is cloudy today and I am glad. It fits my mood more than lovely bright sunshine. Hopefully I can rest tonight and have a better day tomorrow. We have to sweep and bake chippies this afternoon...

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