Monday, June 02, 2008

Wedding Complete

The wedding was a great success! B & T did great and were so sweet. H was a great ring bear and was so proud "to be perfect and not wrinkled, Mommy!" I don't have any pics yet. We got all our things - clothes, shoes, belt, socks, food - and were half way up there. I remembered that we had not gotten the camera. =( But we all were appropriately dressed and had a great time. H only had trouble at the reception and putting her mask back on fixed that for a while. Then we went back to Nana and Pawpaw's. She did ok there until about 20 people arrived at the same time and the reflux struck. We did bicarb and she stayed outside for the couple of hours that we had left. We didn't get home until 2315 and then all three of us got through the shower. H slept all night and we were/are so thankful. We all got to enjoy our extended families and didn't make H or myself miserable. Praise God!!!

I had the HSG the Thursday before the wedding. We made the most of "trying" and I am trying patiently to wait and see what happens. I am so *not* patient and this 2 week wait is causing me distress. I am praying that God will give me the grace to accept what he plans - another possibly sensitive bub or to be satisfied with the wonderful blessing of H. In some ways, I would love to just have H. Life is good right now. I am catching up on all the sleep deprivation that I had for 5 years! Time will tell but I am impatient. ;)

H and I are spending our afternoons in the pool under the trees again. It is 95ish today and hot. I am thankful for our lovely trees that make our yard bearable in this heat. We walk the precious bassett in the mornings to get us out in the cooler part of the day and then a bit of school work and lunch. I am trying to do "room time" after lunch and then we go outside. Today has been full of mowers so we are back in right now. We will go back out in about 10 minutes. Got to get those wiggles out!

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