Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is real!

The little one has kicked me! For the last week, I have been feeling the spinning feeling. That is the first thing that I felt with H as well. The feeling happens at night when I lay down to go to bed. But last night, I was knitting and listening to ESPN radio. Suddenly I had kicks! The whirling was there as well but actual kicks! Whoot! This now feels real... less like just sick feeling and tired. I think that I am just waiting for it all to disappear and leave me heartbroken. But feeling the little one moving is just amazing. It was my totally favorite part of being pregnant with H as I felt like I got to interact with her instead of just carry her. I love feeling babies move!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving on...

This pregnancy has moved on into the second trimester. The constant nausea has improved (around week 15) to just me being a picky eater. I have gained 5 pounds total and am starting to "pooch," according to my family. ;) I have felt a few turning movements but no definitive jabs or kicks yet. I am still taking a nap every afternoon when I am home. I am almost ready for maternity clothing, which is another problem... or the lack of the clothing is a problem.

I am starting to feel nervous about this baby. H's infancy was such a difficult time for us. Life was truly harder than I had ever experienced. I didn't know how much watching your child suffer could wear on you and bring you flat on your face before God. I have been trying to be cautious about expectations with this pregnancy. I didn't want to get too attached (stupid, I know), if something happened to the baby. But we are at 16+ weeks and still here. I pray every day for God to help our baby to grow strong and healthy. I truly don't care what flavor we have (chocolate or vanilla LOL) but I dream of a happy babe that we can enjoy. That is my hope and prayer right now for this little one.

I am still working the usual amount but am totally enjoying taking 1 weekend off per month. It is wonderful to feel "normal" and all be home together. And I get to get rested up and sleeping on a normal schedule for about 1.5 weeks before returning to work.

H and I started going to a coop homeschool last week. She did well, though we only stayed for 1 class and they were outside a lot. This week she will do the movement class as well as stay for the storytelling class. We will see how we do. She is totally thrilled with getting to participate. And I am thrilled for her. The other moms make extra effort to not wear perfume or smelly stuff. I would love to try to return to church but all the perfume and getting dressed up is probably more than she and I can do right now. Little steps are progress for us!

I am going to sign off for tonight. I worked 3 days this weekend, Fri/Sat/Sun, and am bushed. I love staying home with my H and am looking forward to this week.