Monday, June 29, 2009

I am an ant! LOL

Well, not really an ant but an aunt. My sister had an emergency c-section on 6-26 and has a little boy. None of our siblings had any children so this is the first time we are Aunt E and Uncle T! How fun! He is doing well. Still in NICU and on O2 but not on a vent. I wish I was closer to them (they are in Miami) so I could help her with the medical stuff. It is so overwhelming to be a new mom and then to be thrown into an unfamiliar but important medical situation like that. My mom and dad flew there to be supportive and help and I am so glad that they could. A girl needs her mom with a first baby, especially in something like this.

Our baby is still snuggled up inside. =) I am so pregnant... H was 37.5 weeks so at 38.5 I feel huge. My ribs are sore, I pee all the time and I eat small meals. =D All totally normal for this time in pregnancy. I also started reading Ina May Gaskin's book on childbirth. I am so steeped in fearful traditional medicine in regards to delivery that it is refreshing to have "natural" childbirth re-affirmed. I do hope that this little one comes by next weekend. Even this weekend would be fine - though it is the 4th of July on Saturday!

I went and made rounds this morning early at Crestview and boy, the housekeeper did a number on me. Whatever she used just put me over the edge. I had awful belly pain, gut cramping, headachey and exhausted. Going in the evening doesn't work well at that home so I was hoping mornings would be better. It is except for the cleaning. The other home in Temple does fine with me coming in the evenings. I need to be able to do the rounds when T can be home but too many evenings is hard on family time. Ah... lose your weekends or lose your evenings - takes your pick!

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