Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Bit Better

Today is two weeks since Skunk started Neocate. I am still sad but am not crying all day like I was at first. I am trying to focus on the fact that she is so much better off. She can eat and not scream... mostly. She can sleep... mostly. I am not feeling like everything that I breathe or eat or do is causing my baby to react. But I am sad still, even though feeding her had become a struggle. We do snuggle and feed her with a bottle but it just isn't the same for me. But I prayed and asked God to give me the grace to accept what is best for Skunk and this is the best right now. My sadness will become less fresh.

This last weekend, one of our neighbors sprayed their yard with weed killer or fertilizer or pesticide. Bear threw up Saturday morning from the reflux and Skunk hasn't been eating or sleeping well for the week since their exposure. It is hard to go back to the reacting, not sleeping and screaming misery. But at least with time, the symptoms get better. Today, Skunk has just gotten back to being able to sleep for more than 45 minutes during her daytime naps. Poor baby! This is why we need to be on acreage in the country, far from people. I am still praying that God will provide what and where my girls need.

An exciting answer to prayer is that with my parents help, we paid off our house last week! We are so excited to not owe anyone anything in this whole world. It is a good feeling. Someday we might be back in the mortgage arena but it is nice to be able to save for a safer place for the girls and for us.

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