Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold in Texas

It has been too cold here to be outside. That is pretty rare for us down here. The last week the temps haven't gotten much out of the 40's during the day. Since we can't wear our coats outside (gets the car and who knows what else smell on our clothes) we are wearing our home jackets or sweatshirts only and it is pretty chilly. So we go outside in the afternoon for about 30 minutes and come back in when our noses are frozen. =)

T and I went and looked at 2 houses yesterday. The location of the first was great - up on a hill, cow grazing country that is too hilly to farm - but the house left something to be desired in how the rooms were distributed through the house. The second house was fabulous but is on 5 acres surrounded by plowed fields. =( We just can't live some place like that. I so wish that we could move the house onto the hilltop. Wishful thinking but it makes me sad. This is why we will have to build something. But that will take us longer to accomplish. Sigh...

Skunk is reacting the last couple days and spit up this afternoon. She is mostly cheerful but just can't sleep much and has eczema on her nose and right cheek. And we have to have Christmas with T's family on Sunday. We won't stay long and I probably won't even let others hold her which will cause strife all by itself. Maybe I should just stay home and piss everyone off and be done with it.

I hate being chemically sensitive!

*cries softly to myself*

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