Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sleep returns

Well, Skunk is sleeping a bit more. Back to a couple naps during the day if I don't mess anything up. And she is mostly sleeping at night as well. We have 3 more doses of medicine and time will tell if we can keep her off the ppi for any length of time. I am petitioning and pouring prayers of provision and growth for her. I need some way to get more calories in her - whether I try to up the Neocate or switch to Elecare. I am leaning to Elecare right now but will talk to Fiona about what she recommends. I am truly thankful that Skunk hasn't had the throwing up like Bear did. Each kid is truly different. Lots of variables this weekend and today was tougher than yesterday.

Continue to sustain and provide, Father! I praise your name for your faithfulness to us.

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