Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moving on

Skunk is truly moving on... she has gone from scooting backwards to crawling all over the living room and kitchen. And she is pulling up on the window sills, fireplace, foot stool - pretty much anything that she can reach. She will not wait to walk until 12+ months like her sister did.

She and Bear are totally enjoying playing with Mega blocks, Noah's ark and all her other toys. Bear is happy that she finally can play with Skunk and have a good time.

We seem to have recovered from the spraying of almost 2 weeks ago except that Skunk is still waking at night but at least she is sleeping in the day and mostly at night. She is round and plump. I fed her bits of my breakfast bread today and will do so for breakfast the next couple days and see how we do. She still gets her milk but I am trying to get her eating some CP stuff instead of just drinking it. Then I want to add in some of her calcium and get that in her too. She does the B Vit's and probiotics so far but it is so hard to test out supps when she reacts to so much else. The multi-vit was a not well tolerated so we are trying out separate supps to get her minerals in her.

That is all for now in the pollen infested world I live in... waiting for tree pollen to go away!

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