Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Fertilizing and spraying weather has returned. Both girls have been struggling for 5 days. I just find this misery almost unbearable. Skunk has taken to refusing about 1 feeding per day (still drinking her CP milk and eating chicken the rest of the day though) and waking about 3 times at night. Makes for a tired mom and then Bear is crying, sensory issues 'way on overload, arguing over. every. little. thing. Makes me want to resign my post but there is no other way.

Bear and I were up and about this evening and we heard Skunk hitting a toy that she should not have been able to reach from the floor. Here is what we found:

Aren't they beautiful? Just have rotten guts like their Dad and Mom. But God is the creator and sustainer of life and made them just as they are. He is also the healer and Great Physician and is capable of caring for them so much better and more competently that I.

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