Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We survived the ab's. Now we will see if we get any improvement for Skunk. Bear still struggles along and I have called to request her ab's from our pcp.

On a different note, we had run out of baked stuff due to my baking error. I forgot to add sugar to Bear's muffin cake last week and it turned out like a brick and tasted awful. So I was hungry for 2 days and baked this morning. She is so glad to have muffin cake back and I am so glad for my cereal. Skunk still had some trouble but seemed to survive. It is so hot to bake with the windows open and leave them until 1p. The house is about 85+ and stifling. Makes me feel sorry for those who existed before air conditioning! It is one thing to be outside in 95 degree weather but in the house is just miserable - humid and sticky. Fans are our friend on these days.

Off to bed!

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