Monday, June 25, 2007

Sliding downhill

Boy, I sure am not keeping up here. I had wanted to use this as a journal or running commentary on my thoughts but... who can keep track of thoughts when one doesn't write them down? Maybe if I bookmark the site it will prompt me to write. Maybe I just don't have any coherent thoughts? ROFL

It is now summer in Texas. We have had more rain this year than I ever remember in my life! Hard to believe it is June when we keep getting rain! But the grass and the weeds sure are growing .

H is growing too. She has turned 5 and is actually a decent help. =) Guess that I what I have worked and prayed for the past 5 years. She grudgingly swiffers the living room floor to "earn commission" to put into her money jars. Only does it about 2 times weekly as that is all that I have the energy to argue and corral her into doing. And she doesn't really have anything to spend her money on... maybe that is what the game CD's are for in the garage? Good thought there Ellen!

We have slacked off on school this spring, much to my chagrin. I am struggling so much with working, chemicals and allergies that I hardly have the energy to play and read. We are doing lots of exploring outside in the yard with our time outside. We love to take Amy for walks and watch the creek and discuss gravity or water drainage. She also was comparing leaf symmetry today! She loves to watch Cyberchase and they had talked about symmetry in nature last week. Amazing what she can pick up and retain! I am trying to just allow her to learn with day-to-day discussions instead of forcing schooling down her throat. Also helps that she is just now 5 and I feel that we have breathing room. Another HSing friend sent me a link to the 10 things to teach your children before they are 10 years old. The link is I haven't fully explored the page but I liked the idea of simple focus for the beginning years. But the page is anything but simple as it details the 10 areas to teach your child!

Enough for now... perhaps more thoughts later this week?