Monday, July 28, 2008

Slacker here...

Whee, I haven't posted in a month! What a slacker I am...

Summer is sliding by here. I wanted to take H to Zilker Park to the springs and swim cause we can't swim in a chlorinated pool. But we just haven't made it. I want T to go with us and we just haven't had him take a day off other than for me to work. It is pretty hot... I think it was 102 or something awful like that. But that is Texas in the dog days of July and August. ;)

We spend lots of time with the water hose and the lawn chair out in the front yard. The beloved dog has a long picket line type leash that my in-laws gave us and it has been wonderful. Precious Dog isn't on a 6 foot leash now in the front. Hooray!

I am really struggling with energy levels. I have been working more shifts for a year now and it isn't doing great. I am starting to take 1 weekend off a month and only working 8 or so shifts a month. Working 10 or so is hard on me physically and it is hard on our family. But it is better than T having a second job to make ends meet. I have the second job instead of him. Speaking of jobs, we are praying about his. The powers that be are moving web content to the Gateway team and so T will be doing something else for the first time in years. We have no idea what yet. I am trying to pray faithfully for my husband. My prayer is that he will have a job that challenges him mentally and provides him with problem solving opportunities instead of being a trained monkey. ;) And, yes, he reads this blog. He knows what I mean.

We are still hanging out and waiting on God for an addition to the family. My sister called about a week ago and they are expecting their first child. Everyone is excited and I am excited for her. I am sad for us. It has been a long 2.5 years. God is continuing to grow and stretch my patience.

I will try not to go a month without posting again.