Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Week

We made the weekend of driving and swapping the child out. T and I weren't home but for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. But I got up and started the washer both days, can't do that when H is home due to the soap not agreeing with her. Got lots of laundry done, got her closet cleaned out, got her chest of drawers put in the clean closet and got the hand-me-downs sorted into plastic boxes and labeled. I also have gotten the diapers in larger containers and found that I do have lots of things for this little one. We should be set for diapers until about the medium/large size. That is a good thing.

I also found a pattern for a sweater that will serve as a jacket for H. It should be suitable for a beginner, though I am not a novice knitter. I am nervous about a whole sweater but she keeps having to take her coat with her places when it is just chilly. So, maybe if I start on this sweater before Little One makes an appearance, I will have a prayer of finishing before next November. LOL This is the jacket but for kids, not babies. I actually bought the pattern for baby, child and adult so maybe... nah, just attempt the one for H and don't hope for any more. ;)

We also should be getting the baby mattress next week in the mail. I need to spend some time online tomorrow looking at fabric for H's new sheets as well as ordering the dustmite cover for the baby bed. Thank goodness we still have our crib and won't be needing any other furniture. The money is running out (or that is the way it feels). At least I won't be buying more diapers - at least in theory. =D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Picture of my Two Legged One

I have needed a couple of recent pics of H to show off to people. So here are some precious ones lately! I love my girlie!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tired today

Today is Wednesday and we didn't have to go anywhere. I wanted to stay home and bake chippies and fry chicken tonight. H and I are headed to Dallas tomorrow to leave her with my folks for the weekend. We will go to Whole Foods Friday so we got to stay home today. We spent a chunk of the morning playing outside with the Easter gifts and also a couple hours out this afternoon. Somehow, with all the staying home, I am so tired. T has a party that is all afternoon and evening on Saturday and it will be easier to have H with the grandparents than to juggle schedules. And I can clean out her closet and some of the drawers in her room without making her sick. I do have to work as well so it won't be a lot of work around here done but anything is better than nothing. Hopefully I will make some progress on the room to make it more ready for baby and H. Maybe I can get some laundry done on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well. I have lots of diapers to wash and just can't get them done in the evenings with all the "regular" laundry to be done.

We had our first midwife appt yesterday and it went fine. I am so steeped in traditional medicine that even though I don't want their approach, I am afraid of the alternatives. Crazy, I know! Traditional medicine has done nothing for us except make fun of our problems and make things worse. But it is what I know and understand, there is a comfort zone there. I don't want to be treated as a high risk OB patient because I am not. But there is no middle ground... either we do the hospital birth and fight/argue about what we don't want them to do to us or we go the birthing center route and takes our chances. Midwives are actually safer and provide great care, as good as the OB/Gyn stats for most women. So here I am, talking to myself about all this again. Just be done with it and stop chewing over the decision!

I am going to start the washer again and go off to bed!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kicking above the Belly Button

This morning, while in my rocking chair trying to wake up, I got kicked above the belly button for the first time with this babe. I am feeling full of baby and pregnant the last several weeks. I ordered our baby mattress Friday evening so hopefully we will have that in the next couple weeks to set out in the garage. I am nervous about putting it in the room with Hannah. But she wants her own mattress and I had to explain that we can't afford to do that right now. She is ok on her bed the way it is for right now. Now I just need to order fabric for sheets and puddle pads. Poor Nana... maybe I should talk to her and ask if I just need to order pre-made ones.

This weekend at work seemed to go well. I love these 2 day work weekends. Much, much easier on me than the 3 days in a row. Somehow I can keep food up for 2 days but 3 days gone throws me over the edge and into an empty fridge and freezer. ;)

On to the start of another week!

oh, and HE IS RISEN!

Monday, April 06, 2009


I went to meet an NP today about providing primary care for nursing home residents. I am really nervous about it as I have done acute care for 2.5 years (or more). I haven't studied primary care in a while. I am looking online now at cd review courses and books. Don't know which would be better... probably both. But the cd course is $420. Sigh... why does everything cost money? (rhetorical question). No wonder I can't seem to get into getting ready for this little one. I keep spinning my wheels about being out of work and money for the summer and fall. I need to do some Bible reading on faith and trusting God to provide for us...