Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nature Exploration and other thoughts

Yesterday H and I went out to friends' house who has 17+ acres and animals. We had a great time marching all over. H and her friends swang on the tire swing, looked at a great big frog, watched guys try to catch goats... We also walked across the "bull pasture" and collected dewberries and searched for kittens. She was hot, red (from being hot) and tired. H went to sleep at 810 and slept until 730 this morning!

I on the other hand, itched and scratched all day. The pollen and being out in the morning made me miserable. I am ready for the tree pollen to go away. Our pecan trees now have the dangling pollen and the mesquite trees out at the farm also had the pollen all over them.

On the building a house subject, I have decided that I need to just stop thinking about another place. I need to focus on keeping this one up and getting it paid for sooner rather than later. If God allows us to build a different house someday, then I will be truly grateful. But I cannot keep struggling to work extra hours just to try and save a bit. I do need to be mindful of not spending too much but I cannot continue to focus, dare I say OBSESS, about building. If we are to work with reproductive endo on another babe, I cannot continue to deal with that and wanting to build. A house is just that, a house. A blessing from God is eternal.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


She counted by 5's to 100 tonight! We were sitting in the rocking chair and talking about 15 people in my CPR class. So I said, what if there were 5 more people with the 15? And she says "20 people then" and we kept going up and up. Then she counted by 2's to 30 and by 10's to 100. She has been doing the 10's for a while but tonight was the first time by 2's and 5's. It was a light bulb moment for us!

I had CPR and dashed home to shower and make it for bedtime. I missed bedtime 3 nights this weekend and I didn't want to miss another. She is such a joy most times and a corker the rest. ;)

Good Night!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Pretzel Bites here

We have found another staple in the chickpea/NB diet. We use an icing bag and pipe out shapes and rounds into "pretzel bites." They are salty and crunchy and totally different than our cereal. It has helped me so much to have something "chip" like to munch on. And H has started eating them too. At first, she didn't want anything to do with them but gradually, she has started munching too. =) Now we are making them twice weekly and eating them all in 3 days. Hooray!

It is officially spring here - the trees are completely leafed out (except the pecans) and the irises have bloomed beautifully. The down side to this is that all of our neighbors are mowing their grass. We went outside three different times yesterday and were chased inside after a bit by next door neighbors mowing. =(

Bring on the saving $$$ so that we can move. But then I ordered Spell to Read and Write last night, a set of Math U See manipulative blocks and Prima Latina. So much for saving money. Nothing about this child has been cheap and I don't expect it to start now! ;) I am praying for patience and God's timing for our lives.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thanks for Lunch!

We were sitting down at the table and eating lunch yesterday when Hannah started talking. "Mommy, we are eating lunch! We didn't get to eat lunch when I drank Neocate. I love getting to eat lunch. And my food is so good now!" I had tears in my eyes. She went on for about 3-4 minutes about how much she loved eating and how thankful she was that "Miss Fiona helped us so much." We only at breakfast and supper and Hannah drank Neocate throughout the day prior to starting in the kingdom. I love us all eating the same food and enjoying our meals together.

Our lives look so different this year in comparison to 2007. I am actually working on birthday cake ideas for H. She will be 6 years old and has never had a birthday cake. I need to get beetroot powder and tint everything pink. She would be over-the-moon happy with a pink cake! =D