Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Only one

Skunk and I took Bear to Nana and Pawpaw today at the Texas Ranger Museum. We have been talking about having her stay with them for several days and just never got around to doing it. With her being in ballet, going to co-op and my work schedule, it is hard to find time to get her there and back. She was very excited about going yesterday and then today she didn't want to go. She cried when we hugged good bye but overall did well. I cried too. Pawpaw called to say they make it home safely, went to the grocery store and Bear was in the shower. She called this evening to tell me about supper and fill me in on the afternoon. I have been praying for her and will continue to do so. It is hard to know that she is growing up. Makes me tear up just writing about it. Skunk has done well and the house has been so quiet. No screeching or fighting, just quiet play. Tomorrow we bake some and it will just be Skunk and I. Makes me remember how peaceful and quiet my house used to be with only one child. But siblings are how we learn to exist with difficult people (at work, home, church, etc). lol

Skunk is reading books. She will get Miss Nelson, flip pages, "tell" the story and close the book. On to the next one! I love hearing her talk and hearing what is going on in her head. But she talks quite a bit too. Her princesses and people talk to one another, hug and walk around whatever domicile that she is playing in front of at the time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Back to School Party =D

Every year our beloved homeschool group has a "Not Back to School" party to celebrate not returning to school. It is humorous to me because I love not having to send my kid(s) back to school. We basically do our school work year round anyway at this point so summer doesn't really mean no school. But it was a good reason to get together with friends and play. The temp today was over 100F again so that was nothing new. It was HOT on the playground but we had a good time running and playing with folks that we had missed over the summer. I am also reminded that co-op starts in 3 weeks and I *have* to get on the ball and order my supplies and my chemistry book.

I just finished a 3 day work weekend and am so darn glad to be home. I have been working too much this spring and summer and am ready to slow down. We aren't saving any more money with me working more so I would rather just stay home and spend less (read yarn diet for me).

Skunk is talking up a storm still. It was nap time and she was so tired at the park she was laying her head on my lap. I told her "get your shoes, they are right over there in the rocks." She raised her head, looked at me and said "can't find 'em" and laid back down. She was so cute.

Friday, August 05, 2011

June Birthdays...

The pic is a month old but is still really good of the kidlets

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Last night I was plating up supper. Skunk ran to the hallway and shouted (in her tiny voice) "Dada, suppertime!" and ran back to the kitchen. Her vocabulary is crazy awesome but sometimes it takes a minute or two to decipher what she is saying/asking.