Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Life Happenings

I was reminded today that I have been very lazy about blogging. It is hard to find time that Bear isn't on the computer or Skunk isn't irritated with me. And sometimes organizing my thoughts and putting them down is difficult or makes me sad.

The weather is pretty and sometimes down right warm. We have had several days up in the 90's already. Tomorrow my mom and dad are coming for a visit for the day and bringing Uncle Don. Bear is so excited about visiting and playing soccer. Skunk has no idea what is coming. =)

Both girls are getting so big. Bear has basically outgrown her 5 point restraint seat and I have a booster on order for her. Skunk is still just under the rear facing limit (I think) but will have to be turned around pretty soon. She is starting to try to say a few things but mostly motions and screeches. I am somewhat thankful as Bear has not stopped talking since she was about 10 months old!

We have recently worked through division (Bear and I) and there has been great wailing and gnashing of teeth over trying to figure out long division. She gets so impatient and upset when she doesn't understand right away. Ah, well, just like her daddy.

I have started working at a little urgent care clinic and am picking up 2-3 extra shifts a month. We are looking for dirt but just can't seem to find the right place. I am praying for patience and endurance for me and wisdom and discernment for Computer Man. I am so impatient and he is such a drag bottom that he balances me out. Just has to be patient enough to wait for me to come around to his way of thinking. ;)

Those are the basics for now... maybe I can try and keep up for a while here on the blog.