Sunday, October 31, 2010

Still Here

I haven't posted in a while. Life just is drifting on. Skunk still struggles daily, Bear still puts up with a crying, shrieking sister and a sad, tired mom. The weather is pretty but we are stuck inside much of the time. Life seems to conspire to cause my babies difficulty and I pray for the endurance to last through the fallout. Posting it here just seems to reinforce the overwhelming nature of what I live with daily. So, I usually don't want to process it and write it down.

School is going better with and Bear. At least we are not strictly unschooling and she is not stagnating. Bear actually likes that the computer "grades" her work and someone else explains it to her besides me. So that is a positive. She is growing and is so long legged it is crazy. I can't believe that she is eight and so big. And then she does irresponsible stuff and I just want to cry. Such is life.

Skunk is getting big too. I don't know how big 'cause we haven't weighed in a while. But her size 80 pj's are fitting right now and will be too small before winter is half over. I am so thankful for her but I do remain flat on my face in prayer parts of every day. Guess that is the purpose though... She is starting to use a spoon a little decently and it is nice that she feeds herself ice chips like her big sister.