Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well, if I thought we would never get to summer (in June I posted that), we are now in those dog days of summer. August is hot, muggy but no rain and typical for Texas weather. Our grass is drying out... had to start watering the yard last week. I probably should have been watering at the beginning of August but I just didn't.

School starts for all the "normal" kids in 2 days. I am so thankful that H is not marching off to kindergarden this year! She is reading simple words, sounding out lots of things on her own and reading from her word charts that I had laminated. She is also doing simple addition and subtraction both with real objects as well as in her head. Someone should tell her that 5 year olds don't do addition and subtraction, especially "air" math, but I sure am not. I am willing to let her run with things and see just how far she gets. She counted to 100 by 10's the other day when I came home from work. Says "my daddy taught me that!" very proudly. =D

We have started Princess Fiona's gluten free/dairy free lifestyle change in July and are actually still eating! H eats muffins, crunchy cereal, chicken, beef, fish, rutabaga and is trying bits of lettuce and such when she is brave. She even tried bamboo shoot yesterday but it was canned and didn't taste very good. She is still terribly chemically sensitive so we still struggle with being around people, scents, paper and printing ink. So we are still not very social and still can't go into places but at least she is eating some things.

I have ACLS this afternoon and am still not ready for it so I have to go prepare. Maybe someday I will get the hang of keeping up with this thing. I have always wanted a diary or journal... practice makes perfect?