Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer is here

Summer is here... the highs are in the mid 90's, the pools open next week, co-op is done, ballet is done. We have nothing scheduled but my work. I am thrilled. I love that Bear gets to do co-op and ballet but I don't like having to be some where every single day. It is silly, I know. Most kids are going to school, riding the bus early, scheduled to the 9's. But we chose to live differently and I love being home, sitting in the yard, building "houses" from blankets, playsilks and whatever else the girls come up with.

Saturday was Bear's first ballet performance. She had a costume, hair in a bun and make up. My baby isn't a baby any more. She was beautiful and did a good job. Today she informed me that she liked being up on stage and wants to do more of it. =P My complaint was that they closed the girls up in the dressing rooms and Bear was stuck with all the hair spray and frou frou. She was high as a kite but survived and slept that night. So I am so thankful that it was a success for her.

My beautiful ballerina:

We went swimming Sunday and joined our local rec center for the summer. Skunk spent all of last summer asking about swimming and we had to wait for invites from friends with a pool. This year, we are going when we want to do so. I am working evenings during the week to have a Sunday Family Day every week. I want to be able to go swimming, hiking or whatever we chose. Anyway, the girls and I had a great time and I think Computer Man did too. We were all pink and tired but it was worth it.

Now the girls are very disappointed that the pool is closed again this week. The local kids don't get out of school until Thursday afternoon so the pool is closed. I am looking forward to taking them next week.

Onward to 100F...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Give them books

Girls love books.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Skunk is talking to Gran on the telephone. Bear wants the phone and is asking for it.

Skunk: You are so greedy Sister!

Bear: You don't even know what greedy means.

Skunk: Yes, I do. It means you want everything!

ROFL The little one does know how to hold her own. ;)