Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Thoughts from November 28

Well, I tried to cut my finger off again but was unsuccessful. Thank Goodness!!! I have a really sharp knife and this is the second time that I have cut a finger and nearly needed stitches. I probably could still use them but I refuse to need them. It will heal just fine, not very deep at all but fingertip lacs just bleed like crazy. Then it doesn't take much pressure and they open up again for a couple days until they are good and stuck shut.

H and I finished the female Christmas presents today, more me than her. I feel slightly guilty that I intended for us to make the presents together and I have hijacked the projects. I told her that we would do something just from her with the extra beads. She is looking forward to working on Gran's something tomorrow. I will have to get beads together so that she can just pick randomly. T approved the necklaces tonight so I am good to put the magnetic clasps on tomorrow. They all turned out well and hopefully the ladies will like them.

The weather has been much cooler this week than last but still nice enough outside today. We spent the whole afternoon outside and it was lovely. Yesterday we visited Gran and Poppy and it was chilly 'cause the wind was blowing. Tomorrow is the Friday playgroup and we are looking forward to it. We love to get to play with other kids!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our Thanksgiving 2007

God is so good! I always have so much to be thankful for but yesterday was super great!

Since I am working this weekend, T took Wednesday off and we had a family outing to the Zoo. Since H is big enough to walk around and she is doing well, we decided to do it. We had such a great time. Her favorites were "the elephant, the rhinos and the giraffes." We also saw the tigers, the monkeys, owls, lots of snakes and lizards, bison... well, I could go on. We walked and walked and H did great. The gibbons are first in the gate and they were howling like crazy when we got there. Evidently gibbons do this every morning to mark/defend their territory. It was great and T got some great pictures of them howling. =D

I am working the 4 days over Thanksgiving but am thankful to be working days instead of evenings. It messes less with my body clock to get up a couple hours early than to stay up 4-5 hours later than I usually go to bed. But it does make for a more tired mama. Lots of cereal/granola in the 'fridge so that we can eat this weekend.

We had a lovely meal of bison steak and summer squash tonight. LOTS to be thankful for... wonderful family, warm house, good food, good job. Thank you God!

Monday, November 19, 2007

More about Squash!

Well, butternut squash is too closely related to pumpkin... H and I both had many IgG allergies. H has 73 positive results out of 96 and I had close to 40 positives. There are so many foods that we can't even try due to this. But evidently summer squash is far enough from pumpkin to try. And it seems to be going decently enough. H had leftover squash from supper last night for lunch today.

We spent the weekend in Dallas with Nana and Pawpaw. I had several things on my list: going to Whole Foods, getting new stainless steel pots/pans and just being out. I will remember for a long time that "just being out" makes me terribly sick now. Being in the mall for 45 minutes has been enough to make me feel awful and exhausted for 2 days now. No wonder work just puts me under the weather! On a good note though, T and I picked out 2 stainless steel All-Clad pans. I am excited. I have been wanting to get rid of my non-stick ones for a while but needed to research. At all the opinion pages, many stainless sets were rated decently but All-Clad were rated as "the last cookware I will have to buy!" That is what I want. I don't want the thrill of new cookware, I want to buy the best and never buy again. =D

H is clamoring to watch a "Murder, She Wrote" so I must go and be a mom. I love every bit of her, except when she wakes up in the night multiple times...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Just a quick note --

We tried butternut squash tonight and I love love love it again! I miss food so much and am just going slowly. H did take 2 bites, her usual requirement for new foods. After supper was done, she announced "I like squash!" Time will tell how we will do but I would dearly love to have another veggie to add to our list.

Something else to be thankful for!