Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, Almost March

Amazing that we only have 1 day of February left! Today was busy... baking this morning, cutting up books outside for laminating, lunch and then run to park day and keep an eye on H at the park. I did get to knit on and off at the park so that was productive. H just loves park day, getting to play and run with her friends. Two days a week (coop and park day) keep her pretty happy with social time. I miss the time at home but she needs the interaction with other kids and playing so that is what we do. It is hard to find the time and energy to keep up with the cooking and freezing all week and work all weekend. The pregnancy has just made me more tired and I don' t have the energy to go all day. I can't keep the laundry folded, food baked/cooked, the floor swept, H busy and go to work on the weekends. Not enough time!

I have started shorties for Little One and time will tell how I do. I have gotten through the waist band and the short rows. I am totally nervous about splitting for the legs and gusset but will just attempt those when I come to them on the pattern. They are pretty though and I will post pics when I get a little more done and a picture taken.

Off to bed with me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


H has been doing our local inclusive HS group coop starting in January. She loves "school" so much that it is cute to see. She says that Monday is the longest day now because school is on Tuesday and she loves school. =D The mamas there are good about not wearing perfume or scented stuff. We still wear our masks inside but she gets to do a movement class (PE) and a storybook class. She is thrilled to get to be a part of this group and I am happy for her to get to participate. We do struggle on Tuesday afternoons though. Today, we stayed 3 hours, instead of 2, to participate in the Valentine celebration. I was headache-y and taking no cr*p as we were leaving and she spent the afternoon on the couch. She kept saying, "I am just so tired Mommy" and "why do I feel bad?" So we talked about needing to leave after 2 hours and that it is good that her PE class is one of those hours. She can't take 2 hours of crafts, glue and paper.

Little One is kicking more and more these days. T felt some kicks 3 nights ago and H got to feel a kick yesterday. H didn't want to sit and wait for the kicks though. She just wanted me to tell her when one was coming... like I can predict that. LOL

I am beat tonight and am off to bed. I got no nap due to snuggling with the sad girl on the couch. But there is no place I would rather be than snuggling with my girl. I am so glad that she still loves me and loves to snuggle.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More Pictures of the Little One

Or there will be when T gets the US photos scanned. I had the ultrasound today and this little one has 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 legs, 2 arms and 1 head. ;) We chose not to find out what gender I am carrying. We like the surprise. There are many times where it would be easier to just find out so I can buy gender specific dipes and clothing. But I also love the wait and the anticipation of meeting our little one. We also probably won't settle on names until we meet him or her either. I liked meeting H before naming her. We had boy and girl names picked out but she didn't fit the girl name so she got her own. I feel that we are having a girl but am trying to shy away from gender specific stuff, just in case. That being said, I have no problem putting flowery or pink dipes on a boy or cars/blue on a girl. The clothes have to be gender neutral so the coming home outfit is more dicey but the dipes don't matter.

The ultrasound was great to see, arms and legs waving all about. Amazing that all those moves are in there and I can't feel but a few of them. Grow, Little One, grow! Maybe I will change my tune come about June of this year. ;) But for right now, bring it on!

Praise God for our precious little one and for the big one we already love and have! Such precious gifts!