Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tying Shoes and Riding Bikes

Bear has learned to tie her shoes (finally!) and ride her two wheeled bike this week. I have video of the bike and need to figure out how to post that. She has to be totally ready and, I know it seems late, but I can try and try to teach her and she just gets more frustrated. If I wait until she is beyond ready, she picks whatever task well and doesn't get so frustrated.

We have a fall/halloween party tomorrow at the park. I will try to remember the camera but getting snacks, girls dressed and out the door might be all I can do tomorrow.

Just had to share!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Little Girl Funnies

Another absurdly early morning...

Skunk woke early but drifted off again in the extra bed with me. When she woke again, we snuggled and she was sucking her thumb (as usual). I asked for some thumb and she states (around the thumb in mouth) "suck your own thumb Mommy." I did start giggling and teasing her about sharing. We had a grand time waking up slowly and being together. After we were up and got to watching Curious George, she looks up at me and puts her thumb in my mouth. What love to share your beloved thumb. =)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Skunk took a kitchen towel, held it behind her with both arms (one at either end) and ran around the kitchen and living room shouting - BUTTERFLY. Then she wraps the towel around her shoulders like a cape and says "not butterfly anymore." ROFL

She has also started building with the magnatiles. Amazing that a 2 year old can build triangle tents and box houses (with 3+ floors) with magnatiles.

Bear is happy as Son of Neptune came out today and she is ensconced on the couch reading about Percy. I have found several more book series to ask Computer Man about so maybe we can get her some more reading material. She finished Book of Three and is writing a book report (due Friday) for Computer Man.

My girls are growing!