Monday, May 09, 2016

Another school year

School at our house is full on - the kids are in a classical co-operative model school - trivium, latin, and part at school and part at home. Between home days and working, I am just worn out by May when they are "done" with the school year. This is the last week of school and we are all so ready. We do have plans for staying sharp over the summer but we are all ready for a rest and a slower paced schedule. We just need to make it through Thursday ... but then the big one has two (yes, TWO) parties on Friday and attending graduation on Friday evening. Ha! The blessing of chauffeuring continues cause soon enough she will ask for the keys and be off. I will be crying this week... I do cry a lot anyway but the mile stones remind me of how life flows by and this is a blessed time in theirs and mine.