Thursday, June 02, 2011

Growing up

Stop, yes, plese (said with a short e sound), come. Skunk is really communicating with words and it is so precious. We also turned her carseat around this week. She just sat in a daze, enjoying the view of being able to see mama and da while sitting in her seat. I love being able to look back and see her sweet face.

Skunk is also starting to potty learn. She runs around sans diaper and then asks for a diaper and teetees. Time to start moving towards the potty. =( I love my fluffy bummed babies and then they potty learn. Ah, well, that is the way it goes.

Bear had her parent observation night at ballet and did a good job. I got to go this time and Nana and Pawpaw came too. She is growing up and becoming a young lady. And then she fusses at her little sister and builds houses with blankets. Not wholly a lady yet and I am so glad. Bittersweet...