Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trying to get back to blogging

Life is busy - I help school children, go to work, try to keep laundry done, pick up house, chauffeur young people. My family (minus Shorty) has been doing a CrossFit program since early in 2016. Actually the teenager has been doing it longer but that is ok. I log my WODs on CF days but have started jogging with some friends 1-2 days a week. I will try to start journaling about jogging a bit. I also knit, less than I want to but enough to be theraputic for me. I log my projects on Ravelry but might start posting some pics here as well. Guess I am an older lady who knits now. ;P

Anyway, I am in the stage of life that hurries by. I am trying to savor the messy house, piles of laundry, time in the car because soon enough, these days will be gone. I love our girls and want to live every bit of this with them to remember.