Monday, December 31, 2007


Yikes! I have worked 7 days in the past 11 days. Sigh... what happened to my part-time job? T would say that I volunteered and he is right. He is off for a week and a half at Christmas and I chose to work extra. Hopefully the extra will go to the house savings account and not to pay for things. Time will tell. I always spend more than I intend to and end up saving less than I want as a result.

I just wanted to share my tiredness today. =)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lovely Christmas

Christmas has come and gone this year. We had a lovely time visiting with the grandparents in Dallas. I worked all weekend and Christmas Eve. We had the beginning morning at home, had a stocking with small toys and ate breakfast. We had a marvelous

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas is here! I *love*love*love* Christmas time. I love getting to celebrate Jesus birthday. I love it finally getting cool/cold. I love getting to look for presents for each of my loved ones. I don't just go and buy things or gift cards. I spend hours looking for gifts that suit each person.

H and I were going to make necklaces for the grandmothers and my sister. I thought that I would let her string beads and be a part of the creative process. That was before my OCD nature took over and I hijacked the whole project. LOL We did make three necklaces and they all look beautiful, IMHO. ;) But I made them all, picked out the beads, spent hours stringing and re-stringing to get the look just right. It also made me realize that maybe I could do this from home and make a bit of money on it. I can't get it all together for this year (2007) but hope to take pictures of the necklaces and use them as a starter gallery. I don't want anything big and elaborate, just something little on the side to eliminate a shift from working outside the house. The problem is that I make a nice living outside the house so earning enough from a few necklaces will be nearly impossible. Sigh... a girl can dream!

We are going to see the grandparents tomorrow for Christmas and H is more excited about that than getting presents. She has a bike, helmet and pads in the garage (from Gran and Poppy) as well as Playmobil stuff from us. Gran and Poppy also got T and I a Wii for Christmas so she will get such a kick out of that. I just got her some playsilks, doll diapers and the Playmobil stuff since she will get such big things from other people. She is so easily overwhelmed that I would prefer to keep it simple from us. We will probably even wait until we return home to open many of the presents. Certainly will wait on the bike and the Wii! Who could open those and then leave them at home to go to the grandparents. We will just have stockings in the morning and then hit the road. She is so excited to see Nana and PawPaw. I also plan on reading the Christmas story before we leave. I really want to keep our hearts in the right place in what we choose celebrate.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Lights

Our neighbors across the street have had their lights up for about 3 weeks. They put them up every year and they are nice, just some net lights on the bushes, candles in the windows and wreaths. Nothing overdone or overwhelming just simple and beautiful. Our house has no electrical outlets on the outside of the house... NOT A ONE! We do have a pair of outlets in the garage that we could use one of to have lights but it would be pitiful as I shouldn't overwhelm one outlet with 16 strands of lights. So, needless to say, we have never used lights outside. This year H is wanting to decorate... she is old enough, understands and wants to participate. So I broke down and went to Walmart at 530am one morning before work to check out the selection of Christmas decorations. I bought plastic (shatterproof) *big* ornaments and some big candy canes to stick in the grass. We had such a marvelous time decorating the yard on Monday. =D H even said that she liked our tree ornaments and the candy canes better than lights. LOL It also gave us a chance to talk about what a candy cane means (origins) and that I think the lights symbolize Jesus coming to be the light of our world.

We went looking at Christmas lights last night. T wasn't playing on-line and H and I wanted to go with him and not just by ourselves. T and I decided that we like all white lights better than a bunch of multi-colors. Hannah got tired earlier than we thought she would. We ended up coming home at about 740p. All through the shower and she collapsed in sleep on me about 2 minutes after I got out of the shower. T and I finished watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir special that was on. It was lovely to listen to and H even enjoyed it too. She watched about 30 minutes of it before she fell asleep. It was a nice evening.

I am attempting to wash and soak the doll diapers that I got for her as well as our new Christmas stockings. We also had to go to Whole Foods and so between the grocery store, playgroup, the light looking and the soaking and washing stuff... she has had a tough couple days. I am attempting to lay low today to give her a chance to detox in case we have playgroup tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well and safely today!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A cold and misty day in December

Well, today is 42 degrees and wet. Not really raining, just misting enough to make your hair and clothes damp when you walk the dog. =) Amy enjoyed the walk though. H & I needed to get out of the house. It has been such a lovely fall that we spend most afternoons outside all afternoon. I have gotten spoiled.

We went with T yesterday to pick up the ground beef and steaks, then drove over to Whole Foods and picked up more food and came home. It is easy enough to buy meat for several weeks but the veggies just don't last that long. I end up having to go to WF again or order from Diamond Organics. The ordering costs more (I think) 'cause I have to pay FedEx charges but it keeps us out of the car and the store.

Just another day in the life!