Friday, September 23, 2011


Skunk and I were sitting on the couch today and I told her "Mama loves you." Skunk said "Love you Mama." I cried. She snuggles quite a bit and is a big love muffin but this is the first time she has told me in words.

We took Bear to ballet yesterday. Instead of going home and letting Computer Man get her, Skunk and I stayed and chased butterflies, looked at ants, ate chippies and enjoyed the beautiful yellow flowers in the landscape. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed the butterflies who just wouldn't leave the flowers. Even with a 2 year old chasing them off, they kept returning.

Conversation here this morning over a travel coffee cup with water in it:

Bear: "That is my coffee"

Skunk: shrieks

Bear: "You don't need the caffeine." Takes the cup

Skunk: shrieks more

Bear: "I drank all the coffee. It would keep you up all night. We don't need that."

Skunk: shrieks "More"

Ah, the life with two children with imagination. I will miss it someday. ;)