Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Continued struggles

Skunk still can't tolerate me baking. I baked just crackers this morning and she reacted pretty badly. But she loves the crackers. =) I am pretty sure that since the cabinets make her sick, heating them up (the oven sits between them) makes it worse. But she has to have something to eat. The good news about that is she could still eat lunch, even after baking crackers. When I bake cereal and muffins, she refuses to eat. So I am going to have to make crackers a couple mornings a week to keep the girls in crunchies. Somehow we will survive... I keep praying for a different home so that I can just have shelves instead of wood cabinets. Maybe someday?

And I keep claiming that promise from Isaiah 40 - that I can walk and not faint.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Grass Allergy Season Strikes

Back to bed late in the evening again! We had a nice lull in June where Skunk was in bed at 730pm again but about 1.5 weeks ago, she started being unable to go to sleep before 9pm. I really like her to go to bed before Bear so that we get some snuggle and reading time in. =( But Skunk is taking naps (only 2 per day but good ones) and is cheerful. She is so tired at 73op though but rolls around and ends up crying and crying. So she toddles around and plays while I read to Bear.

Bear has started sleeping on the couch. She says that her bed is hard (it is just layers of blankets) and Skunk wakes her up in the mornings. So she is basically living in the living room. I am so sad that she doesn't have a room anymore. I just keep praying that God will provide for her and us what we/she needs, not what I want. I want to give them the moon but that isn't an option. I try really hard to be thankful and verbalize my thankfulness to God for the many blessings we have. I am praying for a grateful heart that can endure. Please Lord, help me to walk and not faint!