Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sadness and Thankfulness

Several things have happened since I last posted. H and I were driving home from getting ground beef and hit some sort of animal on the road. By the grace of God, we stayed on the road and made it home. Then I noticed that fluid pouring from the underside of the vehicle. And the front underside of the car was bent, cracked and torn up. So, into the shop the car went for 2 weeks. Sigh... Then, this last Friday, I was in a hurry to get going to work. Left the keys in the car and it rolled down the driveway and hit me and the garage door. Cost: $450 to repaint the car, $200+ to fix the garage door, priceless lesson to remember to slow down and do things the right way. So the car is in the shop again this week.

In September, I was so hopeful about being pregnant. It is crazy that I keep hoping. But somehow I do. I am trying daily to give to God whole issue of another child: if we do have one, timing, health issues, money, etc. But I was really heartbroken when I wasn't pregnant. There are so many good things for us just having one child. But my heart just cries because I would love another child. It is also hard for me at work to see people with children that they don't take care of or really don't want to have. We would love another one and just aren't getting pregnant. But I have to cling to the knowledge that God's ways are higher and (much more) perfect than my ways. He sees the whole of eternity stretched out and knows what will bring him more glory. Being shaped into Jesus' image is so painful, since there is so much shaping to be done.

The world events are just a bit crazy right now as well. I am so glad that we don't have tons of debt and we just fill up the cars and go to work. I think of all the stressed out people in our country and our world and it is scary to me. I am praying for Jesus' return to bring all this crazy-ness to a close. Most days I am ready to spend the rest of eternity praising God... but that is my job here on earth too.

To God be the glory!