Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer is cooling off

September is always the herald of the end of summer misery here in Texas. I have a birthday at the beginning of September (more on that in a bit) and it is usually still in the 100's. But this week, the second week in September, we are only hitting the mid to high 90's. Whooooo! Still humid and muggy but less hot overall.

I am suffering from a total lack of motivation. I can hardly keep up with the cooking, supper is always late and I am struggling to get the housework done. I think that some of this has to do with my sadness at not being pregnant. I really would like to have another baby and we decided to do the HSG in May this year. Got it done and still nothing... still ovulating but no BFP (as my TTC friends would say). I spend about half my time feeling ok about having an only child and then the days come where I mourn the loss of our dream of another child. I am still praying daily that God's will be done in that area of our lives and that I can accept his perfect decision. But I have to accept it daily (sometimes more) as the want is still here.

I turned 35 last Friday. I don't feel much older than a year or so ago but I feel so tired all the time - see above paragraph. I am not managing to get H out in her wading pool. We spend lots of time with her on her trampoline or swinging and me camped out in a chair with the knitting or just watching. Going outside keeps her from watching TV but it doesn't get any housework or baking done. But her being busy instead of veg-ing in front of the TV is worth it.
We went to Gran and Poppy's house today and spend about 5 hours in their back yard. H had a great time running with the neighbor puppy. We also walked over and fed carrots to the mules in the pasture. Gran and Poppy are so kind as to keep a bag of carrots for us. =) We had a great time and got to spend time with the grandparents. We are glad they are home from Arizona and hopefully they are too.
And lastly, my knitting is progressing. I am fixin' to start attempting to make hats for H and T. The pattern is for an adventurous beginner... beginner I am, not so sure about adventurous. LOL Here is the link with a picture of a finished hat.
Time will tell how I do with it. ;) They are both excited about the hat and I would like to see if I can really do this. I would love to be able to knit from home and not work so much. But I make too much $$ with the professional job. So will just keep at the evening and weekend work and knit for fun.

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