Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well, the new girl is sleeping now. The last 2 days she has taken an afternoon nap and then cried off and on from 1830 to midnight. The evenings are so long when she won't settle. I want so badly to have a good breastfeeding relationship this time around but it is such a struggle. In theory, it sounds so much easier to put her on Neocate and let me eat whatever I can eat. We had just gotten to the point that we could open up the food gates and mine have closed down. =( I tend to blame everything on what I eat and pass along to her. But I have also realized that she has many of the same chemical issues that H and I have. She reacts to perfumes, soaps, food smells, etc. Rotten genes, I guess.

Just an update from this corner. And the new girl's name is G, by the way!

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