Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 2011

Spring is going better than I had hoped. We started SAMe for the girls and Skunk is doing so much better than I could have ever dreamed. She is still sleeping and eating. This time last year she was hardly eating and sleep was a precious commodity. She is not "normal" but at least she isn't starving or totally sleep deprived. I had just resigned myself to the fact that she would drop her afternoon nap and be chronically irritable and difficult like her sister was. She is still napping and is doing decently. She still doesn't tolerate baked stuff well but she does love chippies (without oil) and sometimes even cookies. The pecans haven't bloomed yet so the big test is yet to come. But at least we are surviving thus far.

Bear is getting so big. She was so sweet this afternoon while we took a short trip to drive a favorite road looking at property. Skunk was distressed at having to be in her car seat and restrained. Bear held her hand and sang to her. They are always good for each other but it was so precious to hear singing and the toddler go from fussing to calm and asleep.

The property search continues. I had found a place that I wanted to contact the owner to see if they would sell and it looks less than perfect in real life. Maybe they would want to sell since it just sits there. But there were several other properties along the road that appeared more conducive to building a house - at least from Computer Man's comments. I just want out of here and into something better for our girls. It makes me so sad that they can't come in our room and are basically limited to the living room and kitchen. But they have everything that they need. That is what I pray most for them... their needs, not my wants.

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