Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pottery Bonanza

I have loved Rising Sun Earthworks pottery from afar for years. Today I got 2 boxes from June that ended my drought and put me into pottery plenty. There is Skunk for reference and because she wanted her picture taken. =)

All packed in and bubble wrapped

A rainbow of adult squishie cups (12 ounces)

A rainbow of curvy cups

A trio of items in coffee glaze

The whole shebang

Skunk was so funny tonight. As Computer Man came home, she announced "I have poop in my hatch" - clear as day. She certainly doesn't speak like a 2 year old most of the time, has a crazy vocabulary. Bear started The Ranger's Apprentice series and is outlining a book report for Computer Man. She and I are working on how to write a book report/summary. Not just writing down random things to fill pages but actually organize thoughts, outline, write a rough draft and then write the summary. I don't like writing but here I am, doing my bestest.

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