Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Skunk-y saying

Skunk was chasing a squirrel this morning and said "I can't climb tree like squirrel." There was a pause and then she said "I don't have squirrel feet." Then points to Bear's bike and asks to ride the bike to climb the tree after the squirrel. Never a dull moment...

We had a pretty horrid 24 hours. We have bought Bear a double bed to put in the girls' room. I have been washing dust mite covers and sheets. Both girls are reacting like crazy but Skunk worse than Bear. She basically hasn't eaten today and has pooped about 6+ times. Poor little one. I had the windows open all day trying to clear the air. Difficult day and hopefully she can rest tonight. She did eat a couple chicken tenders tonight so that was good too. It was ballet evening on top of all that so we struggled through that as well.

Bear and I have found Star Trek TNG and she is totally addicted. We are up to the first episodes of season 3. The episodes have prompted some interesting conversations about creation, God and our beliefs as well as ethics (cloning). She is also doing long division (1 digit divisor) and we are just starting long multiplication. The multiplication tables have finally sunk in after much repetition. Book report due in several days and she isn't ready. More sighing here.

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