Thursday, October 19, 2006

Catch up...

Well, I have officially been a slacker now for a month and a half with the blog. =D I started the new job and it is really fun and I enjoy it. *But* it has taken the wind out of my sails with mental and physical energy. Hopefully as it becomes more routine, I won't have to think so hard in what/how to prescribe and such. I did quit my other job as I am really enjoying this one but it was hard to part with 10 years at the old employer. A lot of water under the bridge there and a lot has happened in my life in those 10 years. Made me pretty sad to do that but this job is doing what I went to school to do and have wanted to do for the last 9 years and it pays *so* much better. And the schedule is regular, no guessing when I work or waiting for the schedule to come out.

H is doing great, she does enjoy the school thing when I get my act together enough to pull lessons together. It is just hard with her chemical issues to get everything scanned and make do with what she doesn't react to! My mom and dad have started scanning books for us and that has been a tremendous help. God knew that with the new job that I would not have the stamina to scan in the garage. They can scan in the AC comfort of their den and email us the books. It is fabulous for us and I have tried to communicate how much this has meant to us.

H is even learning to read, although she doesn't think that she can. She is playing games on the computer and is also writing with sidewalk chalk outside, writing in flour on the counter and in the computer! Kids can really learn despite the obstacles that are thrown at them. Thank God for her resiliency!

I will try to keep up better with this but can't promise anything. I just would like to have a written record of the precious years with Hannah. I am still thankful to get to be home with her and enjoy this time.

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