Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another (Birth) Day

Well, I have officially become thirty three today. :0

My dad says "only one day older than yesterday!" and I like that. Life at thirty three is a bit different than I imagined it.

I didn't think that I would ever get to be a stay at home mom and the difficulties and joys that come with it. I sometimes long for the days that I had a lunch time, not really an hour as I was too busy at work. But sitting at my desk with the door shut sounds pleasant! LOL I have friends whose children are grown and they tell me to enjoy these days but it is hard. The midst of temper tantrums, crying, whining... and then come the precious hugs and little arms wrapped around my neck. And I *can't* imagine missing these days just to go to work and get a paycheck. *tears blur my vision here* She is so infinitely precious and these days will only last a little while and then I have forever to work again. So, my perspective is short and long. Some days feel like they will never end for me to get to bed and in some ways, the precious time is too short. I am trying to hold onto the feeling of those arms and the soft face...

Please God, don't let her grow up too fast! Please God, let me enjoy even the difficult moments right now because that is what you have given me for today. Please God, let me have your patience (cause I have no more) with an emotional, crying girl. Please Father, let me reflect your love to a precious little girl who needs to know the God of the universe who created her and loves her more dearly than I do.

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