Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Year

Well, I have successfully become another year older. Much to my chagrin! We spent last week out of town because I had a CE conference to attend. It sure feels busy when I go to a conference and then still work the weekend. Sigh... was away from my girl for 4 days! I love being home... sometimes I need to remind myself of that though.

H is doing well, still eating muffins, cereal, pasta, meat and veggies. Fiona's program and diet/lifestyle change has been good for us. T has lost about 25 pounds and looks as slim and trim as he can be. =) He and I both feel better though he is not fond of navy bean and chickpea flours. ROFL

H and I are still reading books, doing word math problems and working on reading flash cards. She is reading but doesn't like trying the new blends and things, gets frustrated easily.

Today, I was able to take some Sweet Streets dollhouse people out of the garage and she has 6 new people and 2 dogs to play with. She has been playing and playing all afternoon! Finally... I need to order more new stuff and have it airing out in the garage. I did order Christmas for her this week and that way it has hope of airing prior to December this year. She loves playing and pretending and I love enabling her to do so. It is just so hard with her chemical sensitivities.

We are just working and trying to keep up with H. I am so thankful that we can both manage to work and still be able to keep her home and not out in the world! God provides for us and we are proof of that daily.

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