Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I did visit the birthing center 20 minutes away and am pretty excited. It is a small place and she doesn't push the traditional medicine ways of doing things so much. She wouldn't object (like the hospital RNs and MDs) about Vit K and Hep B if we research and decide to hold off on some of those. Also, I wouldn't be tied to a bed and a monitor. I think it is at least worth having T & H visit with me. I could take H to appointments and those are fixin' to ramp up. T has been taking off and coming home to keep H but it will soon be a pain with every 2 week appointments from weeks 28-36. Not the only reason to do birthing center but certainly makes me think. Also though, it costs $2000 cash to birth at the center. Our hospital birth would cost $300 due to insurance. Our insurance won't cover the birthing center at all, pretty sure of that. So, lots to think about and hopefully I can take T & H over to check the place out next Monday.

H has been playing with the soap in the shower and has been very cranky for about a week. I finally caught her playing with it last night and it was an "ah ha" moment to figure out what had been causing the misery. I am off to bed. Been having wild and crazy dreams and leg cramps a lot lately while sleeping.

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