Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh my tired old self...

I can only imagine how tired I will be in 10 weeks. Somehow I managed to work 40 hours weekly while pregnant with H. But this time around, I struggle to work 30 (some weeks). Probably because I am trying to school H, cook every bloomin' thing we eat, do park day/coop and spend 2-3 hours outside every day. But I sure am tired. I have a meeting tonight and just don't want to go. I am sitting here struggling to muster the energy to start supper before I go. We did do school work this morning and I baked chippies all morning (8 trays). So at least we have chips to eat. Now H wants more muffins. *drags backside* I explained that I just can't do them until tomorrow. We also need to go up and see T's parents this week. At least it is spring break and we don't have coop or park day. And I don't work Friday this week. Ah, I love the 2 day weekends at work!

I called the birthing center in the next town over and they have their "visitation" on Monday afternoons. I am debating about going next week. I don't think I have anything to lose by going. The midwife will visit with me, talk to me about her philosophies and talk costs. We will see how we are doing on Monday afternoon next week. Something to think about and ponder. I sure do wish the older truck would sell. I would rather cancel the insurance and have the money in the savings account. Guess I should just keep praying!

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