Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Week

We made the weekend of driving and swapping the child out. T and I weren't home but for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. But I got up and started the washer both days, can't do that when H is home due to the soap not agreeing with her. Got lots of laundry done, got her closet cleaned out, got her chest of drawers put in the clean closet and got the hand-me-downs sorted into plastic boxes and labeled. I also have gotten the diapers in larger containers and found that I do have lots of things for this little one. We should be set for diapers until about the medium/large size. That is a good thing.

I also found a pattern for a sweater that will serve as a jacket for H. It should be suitable for a beginner, though I am not a novice knitter. I am nervous about a whole sweater but she keeps having to take her coat with her places when it is just chilly. So, maybe if I start on this sweater before Little One makes an appearance, I will have a prayer of finishing before next November. LOL This is the jacket but for kids, not babies. I actually bought the pattern for baby, child and adult so maybe... nah, just attempt the one for H and don't hope for any more. ;)

We also should be getting the baby mattress next week in the mail. I need to spend some time online tomorrow looking at fabric for H's new sheets as well as ordering the dustmite cover for the baby bed. Thank goodness we still have our crib and won't be needing any other furniture. The money is running out (or that is the way it feels). At least I won't be buying more diapers - at least in theory. =D

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