Monday, May 31, 2010

Clapping and Tears

Skunk started clapping today. She just stands in the floor (her balance is pretty good) and claps her hands together. Of course, she gets lots of oh's and ah's from us and she grins real big. =D She is getting so much better at just standing and can crouch down and sit without anything to hang on to. Bear is "helping her practice walking" by holding her hands and walking between the kitchen and living room. With Bear, the computer man and I did the helping but Bear has taken over with Skunk. It is pretty cute, I must say. Must try to get a pic of them.

I finally figured out why I have been so sad today. Yesterday was one year since we lost Amy. Hannah and I cried last evening because it is memorial day and we remembered Amy along with our troops. It sounds crazy and not honoring to these brave soldiers but I do pray for them and their families daily. I miss her so much but I am so glad that she isn't lonely for us. I will never forget Amy unless I am old and demented. Every day I miss you and your unconditional love. I wouldn't trade a day that we had. I hope you are happy chasing squirrels and laying in the shade. I love you and miss you, precious hounder!

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