Monday, February 20, 2012


We had poo in the potty today. Computer Man worked very hard about two weeks ago and got Skunk to tee tee in the potty without a diaper - don't ask, it has been a process of potty learning for this one. Bear was so easy but was also just over three years old. Anyway, Skunk has refused to poo in the potty and asks (sometimes begs) for a diaper for the poo. I can understand - it is strange to have to suddenly sit for these things instead of standing. She is even pretty independent with the tee'ing, just calmly going and sitting down, doing her business and patting with a washie. And today we had poo twice. I love my fluffy bummed babes but this is cool too. Now to just worry about the smelly bathroom for ballet and finding a bathroom at the park. Challenges abound - pro's and con's for diapers and panties.

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