Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids say...

Skunk calls the notebook on the kitchen table "the puker". She has done this for several weeks and asks to watch movies on the "puker." rofl Computer man shakes his head and wants to correct her but I frown at him. I love it when little ones say words in a funny way. They soon will grow up and those funny little things will be gone.

Bear is gone to the grandparents for several days. She called today (day 1) and wants to come home tomorrow. Sigh... I told her that they have something very fun planned for tomorrow so she needs to stay until the planned return (on day 3). Not like I have farmed her out for weeks - just 3 days. You would think I sent her to Siberia.

Skunk and I went to the doc today about my horrid allergies this spring. I am going to scratch out my eyes, rub my nose off and have more snot than anyone should if I step out any door to the outside world. I am ready for 105F just to kill all this darn stuff.

Skunk did her first real puzzle all by herself yesterday. She does peg puzzles and such very well but the complicated Lauri puzzles have been beyond her until yesterday.

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