Monday, October 22, 2007

Eternal Perspective

Well, fall finally arrived in Central Texas on the day we were to go on our first field trip. Rain, cold wind and a high of 55 degrees. Our pumpkin harvest field trip was cancelled. =( H and I were so disappointed. But we are going to try and reschedule as a group. I sure hope that my work schedule will allow us to go.

We went to Whole Foods instead and looked at all the lovely veggies. They even had okra but it was all moldy and nasty. The chicken was on sale and I was so excited to save $1 per pound. LOL

Yesterday we went up to church and had the elders pray over us and H. I feel so alone with not being able to socialize much and not being able to fellowship at church. It was both wonderful and bittersweet to go back. We have been out of that life for 5+ years now and most people that we used to know just think that we have moved away. The sad thing is that we are still here and very alone sometimes. I want to have enough faith to trust that God can heal H and I but it has been a long lonely road. I can honestly say that he has never left me on the road though. And many times, I truly think that Christ alone sustains me. I miss the encouragement of corporate worship but I know that God has used this part of my life (both forward and backward) to teach me of his justice, sovereignty and love. Through H, I can get a glimpse of how dearly God treasures me and how frustrating and child-like that I am to him. I have such a finite perspective and I crave the eternal perspective of Almighty God. I get bogged down in the day-to-day and forget to be thankful for all those moments with H and how wonderful she is right now.

Change my heart, O God!

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